Course in Review

In this week’s reading Martin (2015) discussed the concept of leaders as heroes. Through this type of leadership, leaders feel the need to save their followers or provide the answers instead of guiding followers on the journey (Martin, 2015). She continued by stating that leaders work to do things right, not necessarily to do right things (Martin, 2015). This last part really stuck out to me. I’ve been thinking about my work and how some of it is driven by wanting to produce the correct result for those who supervisor me, but how much development am I providing to those that I supervise? Am I providing an open space for them to learn, develop, ask questions, and grow? As a leader, I feel like I should be providing those spaces, but it can also be hard to achieve when sometimes you need the data or the raw information. The question I am left with, is how do leaders combine both skills – being developmental and managerial?

Additionally in Martin’s (2015) article she talked about the idea of creating systems that are better for more people instead of trying to win the system. As I have reflected on her words, the word integrity kept coming to my mind. Leadership is about integrity. It is about doing what is right, even when no one is watch you. It is about being honest and trying to provide a better world for those around you. Leading with integrity can be challenging, especially when there are competing messages in social media, on the news, and being lived out by prominent figure heads. I think teaching integrity in leadership can be difficult too because it requires a bit of humility and patience.

Martin (2015) continued by discussing the characteristics of the social artist. I appreciated the point about finding the potential in others and letting people do work that wasn’t thought possible. For me, this is one of the best parts of being a leader. I enjoy helping people find what they enjoy doing and are good out and watching them run with it. I think it can be hard sometimes as a leader to “let go” of how you think something should go to allow others to blossom, but when you do let it happen the results can be amazing (or least in my limited experiences they have been.) It is also through those moments that followers then feel trusted and a better work environment can be created.

All of this to say that my major takeaway from this course is that there is real value in being adaptable to new technology. As Martin (2015) shared it is important create open spaces to let others [who may know more than you] create and educate people on the changing technology. This can create a more open, efficient, and creative working environment which in the long-run will benefit the team and the workplace. I will also be taking away that it is important to continue to research and stay up-to-date on technology trends. AI is something that is only going to continue to develop, so it will be increasing important to understand how it works and how it can be woven into the workplace to create more efficiencies.

Based on what we have learned over the past seven weeks, I have begun to reach out to those within my organization to help me understand and integrate technology more into the work my office does. For example SLACK has been woven into my front desk operations. Desk workers are able to see what tasks need to be done at the beginning of their shifts and can leave notes for those who come after them. It has been great! I have also begun to ask more questions about how technology can be used across our division to create more efficiencies. I think this one may be a little tougher due to the age ranges of the directors within out division, but we are starting small and working up.


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